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 Our Industrial Security Systems

 Protect your business and employees with our full-service commercial life safety and security services. We design, install, and maintain your entire system, offering the services you need to run your business.

Furwel Technologies offers:Access control Systems, Visitor Management Systems, Burglar detection, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Video Analytics, Face Recognition Security system, Automatic Number Plate Recognition,Barrier Gates. With 24/7 customer support, 100% local and personalized service, more businesses are making Furwel Technologies their choice for commercial services.

At FURWEL Technologies in, we have experience helping companies of all sizes define and implement perfect-fit industrial security systems for their business needs. Whether you need to protect a single industrial site or multiple, geographically-dispersed locations, our security can provide you expert guidance on security systems frameworks, along with educating you on the benefits and limitations of each component.

Burglar Alarm

Furwel Technologies leads the industry in design and safety with the most advanced burglar alarm systems available. We service commercial customers of all sizes with equipment to meet your needs. We specialize in comprehensive system installation and monitoring that provides a higher level of protection for businesses small and large.

Motion Detectors

Designed exclusively for commercial users, motion detectors monitor unusual activity around your business. Protect rooms and perimeters of all sizes, and receive instant notifications when motion is detected.

Door and Window Sensors

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable points in your business. From single door to multiple layered and customized systems, we offer a wide range of sensors to detect door and window movement. Sensors are magnetic and unobtrusive. Receive instant notifications and equip your doors with entry chimes to be alerted when people are entering and leaving the building. Glass break detectors and beam sensors are also available for additional protection.

Access Control

Our in-house design and consulting team specializes in access control systems for commercial clients of all sizes. Commercial buildings typically receive a lot of foot traffic and it is important to monitor everyone who enters and exits the premises. The safety and security of employees is the top priority of every business, which is why a comprehensive access control system is a necessity. Access control systems from Furwel Technologies allow you to control access to any point in your building. Whether it’s with coded keypads, magnetic key cards or bio-metrics, we will develop a solution to best meet your needs.

Video Surveillance

Furwel Technologies is a leading provider of fiber optic and IP video monitoring solutions. We offer a variety of interior and exterior protection systems to meet every budget. With advancements in technology, video surveillance is becoming a common and necessary monitoring technology for any commercial business. Here are some of the reasons our customers choose video surveillance.


Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity: Monitor employee productivity, examine job performance, view equipment, and research areas of strength and weakness with video surveillance.

Customer Records

Video surveillance provides security for employees by monitoring parking lots, workspaces, and visitors entering buildings. These systems also provide records of employee misconduct.

Protect Employees

Many retail clients use video surveillance to monitor customer behavior interactions with staff.

Protect Your Building

Video surveillance systems inside and outside of the premises deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.

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