Security Equipment Leasing
Ensuring the safety of your property, people and products has never been more critical. When it comes to protecting that which is important to you, utilising security equipment leasing can give you the best of both worlds; high-quality security at a low cost.


Security Equipment Lease Types

We provide a variety of security equipment to our clients. You can rent a single piece of equipment or satisfy all the security needs of your business. Our agents will get you exactly the lease you need.


Why  Choose Security Equipment Leasing ?

Technology in security is continually evolving and adapting, from CCTV cameras and security capture equipment as well as alarms systems. Faced with direct opposition from those finding new and more ingenious ways to break into facilities, steal from properties or otherwise cause harm, it’s vital for a modern business to have the best in security technology to ensure the safety of their items at all times.

By choosing to lease, it provides a viable way to continue to have the best possible technology, whilst providing an affordable solution with only a small upfront payment.


Why Choose Furwel for your Security Equipment Leasing ?

At Furwel, we’re experts when it comes to offering the best leasing and finance options for your business. With many connections with reputable suppliers, you can trust us to help you keep your business safe and secure. Whether you’re just looking for a simple CCTV setup or a sophisticated security system, we have an option to fit your exact requirements.
Leasing enables you to customize a financing program to address your business’ cash flow issues, including budgeting, transaction and cyclical fluctuations. Many of our security company clients require seasonal leases, as an example, which help them to slot payments into their busiest months, and avoid payments during the off-season. Leasing eliminates the asset management overhead that comes with owning your own equipment.
We Offer Leasing of the following Security Equipment
  1. Handheld Metal Detectors
  2. Walk-through Metal Detectors
  3. Temporary CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Event Event
  4. Temporary CCTV Surveillance Cameras on Construction Sites
  5. Vehicle Under-search Mirror 


Securing Your building Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
Our team will design and install your complete home security system based on your needs and budget
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