Vehicle Access Control System

Furwel Technologies Vehicle Access Control System allows the user to control vehicles entering an organization’s area using driver reporting, ANPR reporting or a combination of driver reporting and car recognition. Furwel’s vehicle access control system enables blocking or permitting vehicle entrance in accordance with time, quota or black-list access definitions. The  System manages access solutions and parking systems in your organization.


Furwel Technologies is a leading installer of Access Control systems including Parking lot management system, barrier Gates, automatic Number Plate Recognition. Our Vehicle Access Control System using wide range of readers including long range readers and biometric and any type of communication such as: TCP/IP, local RS232 / RS485 and GPRS, and the most elegant parking system ANPR camera which read and process the car plate ID.


Vehicle Access Control System security check allow different types of identity including single swipe or recognition for higher security can be achieved by using card plus card method that first verifies the car using ANPR or long range reader and the driver card or finger. The system works in real time on-line with a single database in the multi-client Elid or Axxon software.


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