Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I want to switch companies? Is security equipment transferable?

Some security companies use equipment that’s transferable to other monitoring services. Others have proprietary equipment; it only works with their service. To avoid complications it’s generally best to get equipment and monitoring from the same company, but it might be wise to choose equipment that’s transferable in case you aren’t satisfied.

Should I choose a hardwired or wireless security system?

Hardwired and wireless security systems each have advantages and disadvantages. A hardwired system might be the most reliable, but there’s a risk of wires being cut. Hardwired systems involve more labor for installation too.

Wireless systems can be used in more places and can be installed in about 30 minutes without help from a technician. They’re portable too; you can move a wireless system from one property to another. Cellular signals used by wireless security systems are more powerful than those used on cell phones, but a poor signal and electromagnetic interference are still possibilities.

What advanced features are available for home security?

Advanced security systems combine the basic components described above (sensors and a control panel) with extra crime-deterring equipment. Examples of simple add-ons are glass break sensors, panic buttons for the walls, and a panic pendant to wear around the neck. Panic pendants have been lifesavers during medical emergencies as well as during home invasions.

Door locks with key codes and smartphone remote control are another advanced security feature. These are especially popular with real estate agents and with residents who have frequent visitors such as health care providers, dog walkers, and babysitters.

Surveillance cameras add yet another layer of home security. Control panels can include cameras for capturing still images or videos, and of course, cameras can be set up throughout the home and outdoors. One special type of doorbell security camera sends mobile notifications when the doorbell rings and lets you watch surveillance footage from your smartphone. You can speak with the visitor and create the effect that you’re actually at home.

How do I choose a system provider?

A provider should accommodate your specific business requirements. The best providers will ask questions and help you choose a system that best fits your needs. It isn’t required for a provider to see your facility, but they should do a site visit or ask for photos of access points to better scope your project. Look for a provider with experience in business and commercial-grade access control.

How does a security system work properly?

A security system is comprised of individual components that work together to alert you of any suspicious activity or of unauthorized individuals on the premises. An often wireless keypad is installed at your business or residence, along with sensors and motion detectors that can be placed around the perimeter and attached to doors and windows. When the alarm is active and a sensor or motion detector picks up movement, an alarm will sound and alert you and the responding authorities. We offer many different types of integrated security solutions, from simple to complex, including video surveillance. Contact us today and Furwel Technologies will help you navigate towards the correct solution for your unique needs.

Why do I need a security system for my business?

Statistics show that businesses without an alarm system in place are 4.5 times more likely to be targeted for burglary than those with an alarm system.  In addition to protection against burglary and robbery, you can protect your business from employee theft, information theft, arson, and vandalism with the right security system in place. Furwel Technologies offers a variety of security solutions to protect your business, including:

  • Video Surveillance - Lets you check in on staff and customers. Video analytics can help improve business operations. 
  • Access control - One of the most important aspects of your business security is who has access to your premises. With access control solutions, you can customize credentials and control areas each of your employees can enter. You can also use access control to manage time and attendance. 
  • Burglar and fire protection - Detect intruders, safeguard your cash, equipment, and inventory from internal and external theft. Fire alarms can help customers and employees evacuate quickly in the event of an emergency. 
How often should I test my system?

Communications and device tests should be performed weekly. Please call our Command Center prior to doing a test on your system. This will ensure we do not dispatch emergency personnel.

How long will my system operate in the event of a power loss?

Systems can operate on backup power for a minimum of four hours.

Does Gillmore Security install wireless systems?

We prefer to hard-wire all of our systems for reliability, but can offer a wireless solution when necessary.

What happens if my system fails over the weekend?

Furwel Technologies has standby Technical Staff that are able to offer 24-hour emergency service and technical support.


What is CCTV and how does it work?

Closed-circuit television or CCTV is a superior type of surveillance system where cameras are placed strategically around the interior or exterior of a property, primarily for security purposes. As the signals used in this technology are ‘closed-circuit’, this indicates that they are not for public distribution, and footage of your premises will only be viewed as specified by you, which may be from a remote location.

Contemporary CCTV systems can be installed as HD Analogue or IP units which are optimized to deliver high-resolution, color images. 

Types of Cameras

There are literally thousands of different types of cameras. Whatever your application, we will specify the correct camera for you. It’s a specialist skill and it is a very fast-moving technology. What’s also good is that the costs are coming down, for even the very best cameras.

What can be configured?


Q:  How far back can I record?

A:  It’s variable dependent on the hard drive size and what resolution, refresh rate, and motion recording you have programmed into your system – as long as you want is always possible.





Can I view my cameras on my smartphone?

Yes, with the correct NVR programming and application downloaded.

What is VMS or Video Management Software?

Software that enables adequate viewing for many network video applications, typically using a web interface. It assists in organizing, recording, and playing back the applicable cameras at applicable times to your environment.

What is a megapixel?

A megapixel is a measurement of pixels within an image. Typically, the higher the megapixel camera you purchase, the better quality the images that will come from the camera. However, higher megapixel also means more data storage space required to save the image. It’s best to ask your system designer what size megapixel camera would be best for your environment and system.


What is the average amount of time it takes to find an incident?

Dependent on the amount of history you need to review, there are smart search settings along with motion detection that will assist in speeding up your search. You can find an incident within minutes if the system is set up to do so.

What is a DVR?

Digital Video Recorder: records digital images from an analog camera. The antiquated level of surveillance technology.


What is an NVR?

Network Video Recorder: records images on a network-based system. The current level of surveillance technology.


Why use surveillance?

There are many reasons to use surveillance – the main reasons are to catch criminals, prevent theft, control work environments, increase employee productivity, limit your liability as a company (or in a personal residence) – just to name a few. Ultimately, it’s your second set of eyes.



When a security breach occurs, does my system tell me where in my home it happened?

Yes. Each sensor protects a door, window, or area, and will indicate the location of the breach when an alarm occurs.

How many codes can I have in my alarm system?

It varies per alarm panel type, but most commercial panels we sell allow up 99 user codes.



What if a criminal breaks the control panel?

Many alarm panels are built to be tamper-proof. Some security companies call this feature “Crash and Smash” protection. In the event that an intruder attempts to disable security by damaging the control panel, the control panel will alert the monitoring company to dispatch emergency personnel.

I forgot to set my alarm and have left my home/business. What can I do?

 You can set it remotely via your smartphone. This is only possible if the GSM Module has been installed


How long will will take to install Alarm system?

As with most things times, scales can vary based on the size of the job, the complexity of the system being installed, and the type of building. Once a full site survey has been completed a detailed quotation will be given including time scales for full completion.

What's the difference between monitored alarms and local alarms?

Simply put, local alarms merely have sirens or flashing lights to let you know that an emergency is taking place. A local alarm does not notify an alarm company or any authorities when it is triggered. You need to call emergency responders yourself if an alarm is triggered, which can be a problem if you are not at the property.

Monitored alarms, like those offered by Furwel Technologies 3rd party partners, are connected to a monitoring center where operators are staffed around the clock. If a monitored alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring center where operators can dispatch help to your property, whether you are there or not.

What happens when a monitored alarm is triggered?

When an alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to our Monitoring Center. Operators call the property to verify the alarm and then dispatch appropriate authorities if the alarm is real. If no one can be reached at the property, pre-designated emergency contacts are notified and authorities dispatched.


How do home security systems protect against fire and floods?

Besides guarding against intruders, some home security systems protect against environmental disasters by detecting heat, smoke and moisture. Alarms and text alerts can help prevent or minimize damage from fire and water.

What does a home alarm system consist of?
The typical system is perimeter protection (doors) and interior protection (motion detectors).
What are the things a homeowner has to consider When installing a security system?

We will provide a consultative approach when meeting with a homeowner to identify what matters most to them.  Several factors need to be addressed when putting in a system:

  • Intrusion protection (doors, windows, motion detection, glass break detection)
  • Life Safety (smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, medical alert)
  • Environmental protection (sump pump, water level, furnace failure, generator running), Lifestyle (remote services, phone applications, integration to lights, locks and thermostats)
  • Any unique areas of your home or business that you need to protect such as a safe or gun cabinet.
Does my home need to be pre-wired to have a security system?
No. We install systems in existing homes every day.
What are a residential alarm test and inspection?

We recommend an annual, complete alarm system test and inspection. Our trained technicians will test the door and window contacts, walk test and adjust your motion sensors if necessary, clean and test your alarm system smoke detectors, test any other sensors you may have, and check the system battery. We perform this service at a reduced rate (replacement parts are not included.


What markets or verticals benefit the most from a service agreement?

Generally, the more secure your facility needs to be, the more frequently you want analysts on-site to evaluate your system. Health care and government organizations generally seek stronger service relationships. Server-based systems also require more service, and most businesses adjust to that demand accordingly.

Why is it important to schedule regular safety inspections?

Meeting all code requirements is not only important, it’s required by law. Whenever you run a facility where the lives and safety of your personnel are at stake, it’s a personal and legal responsibility to make sure all life safety systems are up to par. Furwel Technologies will make sure you are up to code and make recommendations to keep you in compliance.  We take it a step further and provide web-based reporting on the status of your life safety systems. These may include the testing, maintenance, and ongoing support of your nurse call systems, sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, backflows, and security maintenance services.

Should I choose a hardwired or wireless security system?

You can disable or enable the library jQuery. You can change the color of icons, color on hover, border color of the active unit, even color blocks.

Is it possible for me to have a hard copy of my maintenance inspection docket?

Yes, please supply your email address and we will email you a copy to print for your records. We can automatically email all dockets to you in future should you require this.

My Battery need changing

All systems have a backup battery which will require replacing every 3 years or so. When the monitoring station advises you that your system battery is low, you should make plans to replace it at your earliest possibility. The battery runs the system when the electrical power is out, powers the siren, and provides needed stability to devices – preventing false alarms. These batteries can be purchased in our office Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or you can schedule a technician to change it for you for an additional charge. Batteries are not covered under any of our warranty plans. Always call the station to let them know you are doing maintenance.

Should I schedule regular Maintenance

Like any integrated system or equipment you rely on, alarms benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance and knowledgeable operation. Read your owners’ manual and book inspections at a schedule that makes sense to you. When batteries go low or devices are damaged/compromised the results can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. Be proactive and avoid these scenarios.


What is access control?

A system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer.


What are the different levels of access?

From least to most secure: key, keypad with code, card or keyfob, then biometric entry.


How is an access control system different than physical keys to a door?

You can monitor who goes in that door with their card/keyfob presented when entering the door. You can also disable the use of a card/keyfob with a click of the mouse vs. collecting a key from someone you want to restrict immediately.


Can I restrict an employee from entering certain rooms?

Yes. The level of security with a network-based access control system is endless – you can restrict specific employees, from specific doors, even during specific days and times.


Can I restrict my property via access control?

Yes. With gates and card entry automatic openers to the gates.


I’ve heard an access control system can actually save me money. Is this true?

Yes, access control eliminates re-keying doors and entryways, which can be costly if you have a high turnover.

I just received my new access cards and entered them into my system; they aren’t working.

Verify the facility code on the card is entered into your software.

My access doors are not locking down at their scheduled time. What do I do?

Check the software interface and make sure the doors are scheduled to be locked.


What is the benefit of integrating my surveillance, alarm, and access control systems?

The more depth your complete security system has, the more secured you and your business or home is. A camera system will obviously record images. Your access control system will restrict entries. An alarm system incorporates the local police department. The combination of all three will verify one against the other; therefore increasing the level of security exponentially.


I have a security system at two of my businesses and at home. Can I view all three remotely via my smartphone?

Yes, video management software helps to incorporate the applicable areas while you away with the touch of a button.

What are the advantages of integrating security systems?

The key advantage is the verification of fire and intruder alarm activation. Sensors on alarm systems may go off in response to things other than fire or intrusion; pets and bad weather are just two common causes of false activation. Verification of alarm activation with visual information from CCTV systems eliminates false activations and helps emergency service response to be correctly prioritized. CCTV provides greater safety for security personnel because IP systems enable real-time camera images to be viewed on mobile devices, so first responders are equipped with live, real-time video and able to understand exactly what to expect when investigating.

What is security system integration?

Integration offers the ability to interlink the outputs and control systems at a central monitoring station. This may be at an internal security station or at an external emergency service compliant monitoring station. CCTV supports the following systems by enabling visual verification of alarm activation or access activity:

Access control

  • Audio entry systems
  • Number keypad entry systems
  • Biometric fingerprint readers entry systems
  • Swipe cards/fobs (‘token’) entry systems
  • Includes ‘binary’ systems where two complementary fobs need to be presented, such as mother & baby tags for maternity units

Alarm systems

  • Intruder alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Sound monitoring
  • PA systems to warn trespassers off before committing intrusion offenses
  • Gates and barriers
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) vehicle identification