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Secure Your Property with Professional CCTV Installation


Electric fencing is one of the most effective deterrents to threat and crime. At Furwel TEchnologies, we specialise in installing high-quality high security electrical fencing made according to strict regulatory standards. Our electric fence installers protect you and your property, containing a safe yet deterring electric shock to dissuade intruders.

Perfect for holding a large security perimeter making electric fences a great choice of fencing for airports, large commercial premises, and potentially hazardous environments. Get in touch to find out more about Furwel Technologies’s professional electric fencing solutions.

Electric fences provide a unique mix of both physical and psychological restraints for anyone who attempts to breach your perimeter security. Our smart electric fence solutions not only protect your perimeter, but have built-in monitoring technology to instantly report incidents

perimeter wall protection

Well-protected perimeters makes all the difference when securing your property, staff, plant and equipment. The perimeter of any building/site has the highest number of security vulnerabilities, where intruders can gain unlawful access without detection – especially if unprotected. Our perimeter solutions are designed to be the first line of defence in protecting your assets – whether you’re securing a construction site, residential home, farm, business or protecting a vacant property.

Based on design

Fixed Cameras: These CCTV cameras have a stationary position and provide a fixed field of view. They are suitable for monitoring specific areas such as entrances, hallways, or parking lots.

    1. Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras: PTZ cameras can pan (move horizontally), tilt (move vertically), and zoom in on specific areas. They offer flexibility in adjusting the camera's view remotely and are commonly used in large surveillance systems.

    2. Fisheye Cameras: provide a panoramic view of their surroundings. They are suitable for monitoring large areas with a single camera.

    3. Covert Cameras: Covert or hidden cameras are designed to be discreet and blend into their surroundings. They are commonly used for undercover surveillance or in situations where overt cameras may not be appropriate.

Based on deployment

Indoor CCTV: CCTV systems installed indoors to monitor activities within buildings, offices, homes, or other enclosed spaces.

  1. Outdoor CCTV: CCTV systems installed outdoors to monitor external areas such as parking lots, streets, building perimeters, or public spaces.

  2. Mobile CCTV: CCTV systems installed in vehicles such as buses, trains, police cars, or taxis to monitor passengers, ensure driver safety, and prevent incidents.

Based on purpose

Security Surveillance: Primarily used for monitoring and recording activities in specific areas to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities.

  1. Traffic Monitoring: Installed in public areas, roads, highways, and intersections to monitor traffic flow, enforce traffic regulations, and enhance road safety.

  2. Industrial Monitoring: Used in industrial facilities to monitor production processes, ensure workplace safety, and prevent accidents or unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

  3. Healthcare Surveillance: CCTV systems deployed in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to monitor patient care, ensure safety, and prevent security breaches.

Our Video Surveillance Solutions

Don't leave your security to chance. Contact Furwel Technologies today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our CCTV installation services can help protect your property.

Training and Support:

After installation, we provide comprehensive training on how to use your CCTV system effectively. Additionally, our support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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Quality Equipment Supply:

We provide high-quality CCTV cameras, DVRs/NVRs, monitors, and other necessary equipment from trusted manufacturers to ensure reliability and performance. 

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Configuration and Testing:

Once installed, we configure the CCTV system settings and conduct thorough testing to verify that all components are functioning correctly and providing the desired level of security. 

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Consultation u0026amp; Assessment:

Before installation, our team conducts a thorough consultation and assessment of your property to understand your specific security needs and assess your property's layout.

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Customized Solutions:

Based on the site survey, we design a bespoke CCTV system that meets your unique needs, taking into account factors such as coverage area, lighting conditions, and budget. 

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Professional Installation:

Our experienced technicians handle the installation process with precision and expertise, ensuring optimal placement and functionality of your CCTV system.

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