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 Security System Repair

While most security system companies just want to sell you a new system, Furwel Technologies is one of the rare companies you can call on to repair your existing system.


Security System repair – perhaps you have an older system that just needs a “Band-Aid” over it. Maybe you are not ready to invest in a brand new technology, you are happy what you have, and you can call Furwel Technologies. Our Security Systems Technicians and Sales teams have the experience and it’s their desire to not necessarily replace something if it can be fixed. We work with all brands of systems -- all the major brands that is, including Honeywell, Risco, Hikvision, DSC, Texcom, Impro, ZK, ADT, and a host of others. Therefore, if you have a security system that needs a repair, you can count on us. We are prompt, courteous, we give a written estimate, and we will fix your system in a timely and responsible way.


Have no worries, We Are Furwel.  

Repairing of residential or commercial security systems are so important for your security. While it’s always important to ensure that you maintain your systems for your security needs, it is equally important to ensure that the system is well repaired and functioning at optimum levels.

Repairing your security system is just one of the ways in which you can ensure your system is functioning properly when you need it the most. If you are serious about getting the most out of your system, the best repairing of your system is an absolute necessity.

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We’re so dedicated to provide the best repairing service and our employees make a personal commitment to deliver the best customer experience in the industry through consistency on our work on daily basis, so when you book you’re repairing service with us you can be very confident we’ll deliver.

Technical support

Furwel Technologies handle a wide variety of security system repairs in London for commercial and residential clients. Our team is well equipped to provide a repairing service that is not only professional, flexible and reliable, but competitively priced as well.



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