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Retractable Belt Stanchions, Barriers, & Line Dividers for Crowd Control & Queue Management

Our retractable belt stanchions offer superior strength and rigidity to withstand the extreme environments, and provide best-in-class stability and longevity. With standard features that cost extra on other posts,  Our stanchions are what the Kenya largest companies rely on for their waiting lines, crowd control, and queuing systems.


LCrowd Control Barriers & Accessories

At Furwel Technologies, we offer a full selection of Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchions for crowd control, safety, and line formation. This high quality, high-value stanchions are affordable and effective solutions for maintaining organized crowd control or efficient checkout lines in a small business or public facility.

What Are Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchions?

Stanchions are those handy little crowd control devices we count on every day for organized foot traffic, even when we are not conscious of it. Whether you are catching a flight or picking up groceries, you have seen these simple posts with their rope or belt barriers in grocery stores, airports, shopping malls, museums, hospitals, banks and schools. Almost anywhere there may be crowds, you will find a stanchion guiding the way.


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Electronic Queuing Solution

A Queue ticketing call forward electronic queuing systems dramatically improve customer flow by increasing service efficiency, decreasing average wait times, and adding advertising and promotional opportunities right into the queue. Decrease wait time, increase throughput and improve customer experience

Different Types of Stanchions

There are four main types of stanchion – these include retractable stanchions/barriers, post and rope stanchions, safety stanchions and plastic stanchions. Belt Colors Red, Blue, and Black

Stanchion Uses

Stanchions are used across a wide range of different organizations including Hotels, resorts, retail, airports, warehouses, galleries, museums, exhibitions, festivals and other outdoor events, busy receptions areas, showrooms, leisure spaces and more. Stanchions can help not only to support crowd control and queuing but can also be used to cordon off restricted access areas, as well as enhancing the overall customer experience by improving customer flow and making efficient use of space.

General Queue Control

There are many scenarios where stanchions are used for queue control, often in retail, ticket-sale booths, reception areas and so forth. When used for queuing applications with heavy customer flow, stanchions are often set out in a zig-zag or snake-like pattern with a typical width of around 3ft - this distance encourages customers to stand in a single file line and prevents queue jumping. The zig-zag layout provided by stanchions also serves to lessen queue related stress, as customers are funneled down a single queue with the person at the front of the queue being directed to the next available outlet – this type of system is often used at airport check-ins and in retail and provides a fair system for all. Individual lane queues are often deemed more stressful if one lane appears to move significantly quicker than the other.


Stanchions are popular in the retail industry for queue control purposes on retail checkouts. Some retailers further utilize this system by putting up slat wall panels which can be fitted between stanchions, enabling them to support a wide variety of merchandise. This allows customers waiting in the line to consider purchasing add on items – a retail technique which benefits from high success rates.

Museums, Galleries & Exhibitions

A common sight in most museums and galleries, stanchions are mainly used for purposes of wayfinding, to prevent visitors from getting to close to particular exhibits, for cordoning off access to restricted areas and for queue control at admission points to paid exhibitions.


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