Yale Electric Rim Lock

Yale rim locks offer an economical and easy way to secure your door. These rim locks are designed with classic and modern styling, fitting different decorative needs and with both latch and bolt to provide excellent security for residential applications. This surface mounted rim lock range is easy to install and is engineered to meet today's standards of strength, security and durability.


  • Exterior rim lock, key for door opening
  • Suitable for door thickness : 40mm to 90mm

Material Specification:

  • Lock Size:150MM X 117MM X 40MM
  • Open the door : Electronic control or Key
  • Current : AC 12V
  • Fail safe
  • Passed durability test : 100000 Cycles
  • Material : Iron/Copper
  • Scope of application : for Wooden door
  • Weight : 1.48KG
  • Backset : 60MM
  • Finish : Powder Coating and Plating
  • Operation from Inside : Button or Key
  • Operation from Outside : Electronic control or key
  • Material of Deadbolt, Pull, Knob : Copper
  • Transformer Voltage : AC(8-12V)

wiring diagram

 Yale Electric Lock